Sunday, April 24, 2011

What's in a Wrap?

Right now my favorite diapers are Mother-Ease Sandys and Mother-Ease One Size. I have quiet the stash of them right now. I have formed an addiction to Diaper Swappers!!! I love a good deal, and when I see Like New Sandys for sale for $7 I just can't help but buy them!!

My biggest obstacle was finding a good cover. I first paired my Sandys with a Thirsties Duo Wrap. I've said it before, but I am not a fan of Velcro, I avoid Velcro at all costs. I was glad that Thirsties Duo Wrap had a choice for snaps. Unfortunately, that's the only good thing I can say. The size 1 was too small, on it's largest setting, and the size 2 was too big, on it's smallest setting. I don't like the bunchy elastic in the front, my daughter is a tummy sleeper, and the bunchy elastic paired with a diaper that is on the bigger side makes for night time leaks!

A friend suggested Bummis Super Brite, and I love these diapers, dispute the fact that they are Velcro. They work great!!! After I figured out the size issue (my daughter is apparently a small, not a medium.) I am also not a big fan of sized diapers, I don't have the money to buy 3-4 of each size! I love things that are one sized.

I also tried a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, which I give two thumbs down. It also has heavy duty Velcro (this diaper actually caused my thumb to bleed when I was taking the diaper off my girl!) and the prints are really cute, but they goods end there. Every time she wears the wrap and her fitted diaper gets wet, her wrap gets wet. It says it has PUL, but the PUL seems to be totally ineffective. I'm not a fan.

The last wrap that I bought was an Econobum. I was a little weary as it was about $4 less than all the other wraps I'd seen, but it was a One-Size with snaps, so I was sold, I bought 2. I was very surprised by this wrap! I was extremely worried when I put it on her, it was thin feeling and the PUL felt kind of cheap. I wasn't planning on ever trying this diaper at night time, but everything has been leaking, so I figured, why not? Econobums haven't leaked on me ever, and everything else that felt thicker leaked. Econobums are the best wrap ever!!! I just ordered two more. These are my favorites!!! The first night we only had a tiny leak, and she slept about 15 hours that night. But the tiny leak was much better than the finding my baby completely soaked every morning.

Though, I had a thought, if I bought a Large Size Bummis Super Brite and added snaps (I own a snap press) could I turn the Large into a One-Size? I'm going to try it, and get back to you with a tutorial if it works! :)

If you've got a favorite wrap, please let me know!!

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