Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Food

We're expanding our horizons a bit :)

I am always up for saving a few bucks, and a SUPER easy way to do that is to make your own baby food!

At the beginning of each week I go to the store, buy fresh produce and make baby food out of it, all while Sydney is at preschool.

This week Audrey will be enjoying carrots and bananas with strawberries.

Every once in a while (today) I can use the fruits that I recently purchased. We had strawberry/banana smoothies on Saturday.

Currently I own a magic bullet, which makes it SOOO much easier, but a month ago I was doing this with an old school blender that my mother received as a wedding present. It can be done.

This week was super easy, all I had to do was boil the carrots until they were soft. While I was waiting I was cutting up bananas and de-top'ing strawberries. Always wash your fruits and veggies!!

Blend them up. We don't have ice trays in our house, we have one of those commercial water coolers (we bought the base and our own 5 galleon bottles, and we fill them each month) so I bought a Baeba, I adore it. But you could totally use your ice cube trays! After it's blended, pour it in, and freeze.

I also have some freezer safe Tupperware that I use, after they are frozen I pop all the food cubes out into a Tupperware so that I can use my Baeba for the next batch. I own 2 Baebas, so I only have to do this process twice (Audrey eats 4 cubes a day.)

Today I bought 6 bananas and 3lbs of Strawberries, for a weeks worth of food I will use all 6 bananas, but I will only use 8 strawberries. I also bought 2 packages of 1lb of baby carrots.

6 Bananas $1.47
3lbs of Strawberries $3.00
2lbs of Baby Carrots $2.00
Total: $6.47

This makes 7 cups of baby food.
It's hard to convert cups to oz, as a cup is measured in volume, not weight. However, Audrey eats about 4 of those each day as well.

BUT I discovered I that a 2 pack of Gerber fruits is $0.97. For $6.47 I could have bought 6.6 packs (so 13 containers of fruits.)

I spent $6.47.
28 containers of Gerber fruits $27.16
I saved $20.69

A great place to find information is called Wholesome Baby Food. I have never purchased a book on how to make baby food, not when this is a great website!

Happy Monday everyone!

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