Wednesday, April 13, 2011

California Babies Products

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a collector. I have several books on my book shelves that I never intend to read, but I like have a complete set...even if I didn't like the first few books.

This brand has the bonus that I see it every time I go down the aisle of Target. And every time I do, I want to buy them all!!

Up until a few weeks ago I would always look at the lotion and the body wash.

But I wouldn't buy them.

I was afraid I would love them too much, and then I'd have to buy them all the time!

Non-Burning Diaper Area Wash- This was the first thing I bought. I love it! When I first bought this I was using a water/soap/baby oil mix for my wipe solution, and I would spray the Diaper Area Wash on the new diaper before putting it on Audrey. It does a pretty good job of keeping flare-ups from happening, and it smells so good too!

Calendula Cream- I thought this would be a good addition to my stash. And I adore it! It works great on cuts, eczema flare ups on her belly and legs, and (for me) it has been cloth diaper friendly when I've put it on the diaper area. It also smells pretty good, and it doesn't seem to bother Audrey when we put it on the open sores in the diaper area.

Diaper Rash Cream- For Audrey I think it works the best. We've tried several things, but I really like this. This cream does a great job of calming her rash and keeping it from spreading and healing what is already there. Since I started using this, it's always the first thing I reach for when we have a nasty flare up.

Non-Talc Powder- I love baby powder. When my older daughter (Sydney) would get diaper rashes, which was extremely rare, I would always use Johnson's Baby Power with Aloe and Cornstarch. I have since found out that 1) Baby Powder has been linked to several forms of cancer and 2) Cornstarch feeds yeast infections. At any rate, on the Rash Cream and the Diaper Area Spray it says to buy this, so I did. They don't sell this at my Target, I saw it at Whole Foods and bought it. It smells horrible! But it does a pretty good job, I think, I honestly don't know if baby powder can do a bad job. The rash doesn't get worse when I use it anyway! =]

Calendula Body Wash and Lotion- I really loved the Calendula cream, so I though, why wouldn't the lotion and body wash also be awesome? I was pretty disappointed in these products. These are my least favorite products I've bought, honestly. They did not help at all, in fact her eczema on her back and arms came back when I used these products. I now use the lotion on Sydney (whose eczema isn't as bad as Audrey's) and I use the body wash in my diaper spray to keep the oil and water from separating.

Where to Buy It: Target!! Whole Foods also sells them, and I've also seen them at my local Cotton Babies.

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