Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disposable Diapers SUCK!

For the last week my family has been on an Alaskan Cruise with my in-laws.

Yes, that's right, we took a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old on a week long cruise.

The first thing I realized was that there was no way I could cloth diaper. I didn't have enough diapers to last a week. Plus, I didn't really want to do a weeks worth of yucky diapers.

First I bought Tushies, I bought these several months before the cruise, and I quickly dismissed using them because they did NOT stay on at all. Nor did they absorb very well. And the tabs were HORRIBLE.

I have been a cloth diapering Mama for 10 months.
I was a disposable diapering Mama for 3 years and 4 months.

Why Disposable Diapers Suck:

1. My heavy wetter causes even the most absorbent 'sposies to explode during the night.
2. My stinkerbell realized very quickly that she can pull off the diaper, and that it was easy. She pulled off her diaper, threw it on the floor, and with a smirk she continued to walk around the room naked.
3. During that nap time she pulled off the same diaper that was pooped in and continued to pee all over her port-a-crib.
4. I was using 5-7 wipes per poopy diaper!
5. Ug, they stink when pooped in.
6. UG! They stick when peed in!!!
7. During dinner she pooped and instead of the poop being IN the diaper, it went right up the top of the diaper!
8. On the way home she pooped, and instead of the poop going in the diaper, it seriously went straight out of the leg. When we took the diaper off it didn't even have any poop in it!

And of course, me being me, I also have my vain reasons for disliking disposables:
9. None of my baby's pants fit anymore, her jeans were falling off her flat paper bum.
10. Letting her run around in a t-shirt and a diaper lost it's cuteness when it's a paper diaper
11. I never felt like the diaper fit properly.

I never felt like I could trust the diapers. I was expecting to be pooped on at any moment.

Sure, as a cloth diapering Mama I get peed on, probably a little more often than I would be if I used disposables. But I'm NEVER pooped on. In 10 months my cloth has always kept all the poop contained.

Of course, this list is just why I dislike disposables for their functionality, there are many more reasons why we, as cloth diapering Mamas, choose cloth; environmental, harmful chemicals, budget, etc.

So, in my professional opinion, disposable diapers SUCK.

I think I'm going to make a button...