Vacation Options

Let's face it, it's no fun to go on vacation and return home with a pile of dirty diapers to clean as soon as you walk through the door.

If you are going on a short vacation, this might be a plausible choice, we did it once when we went to Utah on a short trip.

If you are going on a much longer trip, like a week long trip like we did, it wasn't an option to take cloth diapers. We would have paid a fortune to wash the diapers while we were on vacation!

Of course, choosing the wrong diaper can also lead to frustrations like I had when I wrote Disposable Diaper Suck!

And then I tried Flip Disposable Inserts, which worked pretty well and didn't make me want to scream as much as the package of Huggies did.

But my all time favorite vacation solution is to use Tushies with a Flip cover.

There are, of course, many other options, but these were the ones I've tried, and the one I liked best. I probably won't be doing too much more research on them, because I truly believe that the Tushies/Flip combo is the best there is.