Friday, September 9, 2011

Flip Disposables

After going on our cruise and having a horrible time with Huggies, I decided to try Flip Disposable Inserts when we went on our camping trip with my parents.

Some of the things I liked are:

1. They don't cost too much 18 inserts for $4.95 ($.28 center per diaper)
2. I can use my cloth diaper covers, so no blow outs!!!!
3. Since I used my covers, most of Audrey's pants still fit nicely and didn't fall off her bum
4. They didn't stink when pooped or peed in
5. There are less chemicals

Some things to consider:

1. It is easiest to change the diaper by having a cover and insert all put together, and just switching for the soiled cover/diaper. Diaper baby up, and dispose of the insert.
2. The insert isn't as wide as the Flip over, expect that when you have poopy diapers it WILL get on the cover (especially if you baby eats way too many raisins while camping!)

Several years ago, my husband and I tried a diaper service as our first dabble into the cloth diapering world. I hated it, he hated it, there was a lot of hate. The biggest reason was simply that when Sydney peed, the inserts would wad up and the cover had urine in it, and if she pooped the poop would get all over the cover. I hate poop stained covers! This problem is repeated with Flip disposable inserts.

But, all in all, I consider them a success, and for any future vacations I'll be using Flip, I'll just make sure I have many more covers! ;)

The best part, for me, was that I was NEVER pooped on, and the poop never left the diaper, yes, the cover might have been covered in poo, but it was never on me or anyone else who was holding the baby!

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