What I'm Currently Using

Currently I am back to being a big fan of pocket diapers.

I have a few reasons for this:
1. They are daddy-friendly, always a plus!
2. Super easy when I'm out and about
3. My girl is so wiggly that I need to be quick!

Right now our favorites are bumGenius 4.0 and Kawaii's.

Our Favorite Nighttime Solution:
I use a Mother-Ease paired with one of their lines.
Then a Thirsties Hemp Insert wrapped around the outside of the diaper.
And a Rumparooz cover.

Favorite Church Diaper:
(Just so you know, our church is 3 hours long.)
bumGenius 4.0

Favorite Barrier Method:
Grandma El's (do not use on Fuzzibunz!)