Monday, April 11, 2011

The Importance of a Bath

I was super excited about my Diaper Challenge!

But at night time my daughter kept leaking through her pocket diapers.

So every morning I would strip her bed, and give her a bath.

And then something occurred to me.

She has eczema on her diaper area!

Yes, yes, I knew this, but suddenly I realized something.

I can put her eczema lotion on her bottom!

When Audrey first started showing signs of eczema (on her face and arms) I did exactly what I did when Sydney showed eczema, bathed her every night and lathered her in Eucerin.

But it didn't work with Audrey, in fact, it made it worse. Her skin looked better if she only bathed once a week. So that's what I've been doing.

But for the last few days we've had plenty of night time leaks, and she's gotten a bath because of it, and combined with her CereVe lotion we use for her arms, face, and back, her rash is mostly gone, still some rough red patches, but mostly gone.

So, for Audrey, bath time works wonders on her bum.
(Unfortunately it makes her arms, back and face worse.)

So, I have new diaper challenge rules!
I am going to continue the diaper challenge, but instead of seeing which diapers help rashes the best, I'm going to tell you which ones I prefer for my daughter's bum, which are cost effective, durable, and what I think are the best.

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