Friday, April 8, 2011

Fuzzibunz vs BumGenius

There are two brands that every cloth diapering mom knows.


There are pros and cons to both.
Some of my pros/cons are, I will admit, a bit vain, but I will include them.

Things I Like: It seems to be a great diaper, I've never had a single leak from this diaper, it has a great fit, and the elastic isn't horribly tight. (I feel like the elastic on some one-size diapers are too tight!)
Things I Don't Like: I am not a huge fan of just how many snaps there are on BumGenius's diapers. I don't like having to count snaps when I'm putting my wiggly baby into a diaper.

The crotch of the BumGenius is also wider than the Fuzzibunz, which was great, means less chance of a leak!

When I first looked at cloth diapering I thought, for some reason, that there were only Fuzzibunz and BumGenius (and prefolds.) How wrong I was! But I remember thinking that I wanted to try Fuzzibunz instead of BumGenius'.

I originally chose Fuzzibunz over BG because of the following:
1. I really liked the adjustable elastics
2. Fuzzibunz had more colors [vain.]
3. The inside was softer
4. Because of the adjustable elastics you don't have the snaps in front to change the size [vain.]

Now, I will address the following with my new thoughts on these "issues."
1. For some reason FB One-Size diaper has a smaller crotch than their Perfect Size diapers. This is bad. This caused leaks with my chunky legged baby. Even brand new FB didn't work.
2. Okay, well, I still like that FB has more colors. But I like that BG's snaps match the diaper.
3. FB insides ARE softer when they are first washed. After several months of washings, FB lose their softness. My BG still looks the same after a few weeks.
4. I still dislike the snaps on OS, but whatever. The smaller crotch is still a bigger problem than snaps on the front.

Where to Buy: Both Fuzzibunz and BumGenius diapers can be bought on almost every cloth diapering website. Like I said, these are the most popular and well known brands. Currently, BumGenius is offering a deal, buy 5 get one 1 Free! Check out Fluffy Cheeks for more details!

BumGenius for the WIN!

[Though I must say, I still like Kawaii's better than Fuzzibunz or BumGenius.]

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