Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mama Cloth

I guess this doesn't necessarily apply to everyone.

It depends on why you cloth diaper.

I cloth diaper because of my daughter's sensitive skin. And after doing a bit of research I decided that I would try to avoid as many harmful chemicals as I could.

Autumn over at All About Cloth Diapers has a semi-funny story about disposable pads vs. a flash flood.

Which reminded me of when I was about 5-years-old. I had stolen my baby brother's diaper and put it on one of my dolls. Somehow the diaper got left outside, and as it does so often in Washington, it rained. When I woke up the next morning and went out side to play, I discovered that the diaper had exploded! And there were all these gelly chrystals everywhere. My friend and I proceeded to play with them. And that afternoon we began to steal more of our younger siblings diapers and left them outside so they would explode. I believe this went on for two days before our parents caught on and put a stop to it. Though, I don't believe either of our parents realized we were playing in harmful chemicals, they simply didn't want us wasting their diapers. (ha!)

But, I figured, cloth diapers are softer than disposables, right?
So cloth pads would be softer than disposables as well!

So I bought some from 4 companies, and I attempted to make my own.

All with wings, because I can't stand normal pads without wings. Here was something that was interesting to me though, I normally buy overnight pads and wear them during the day. With cloth pads I was able to buy regular pads and be just fine! They were more absorbent and SOOOOO much more comfortable.

I bought 13 pads, figuring that it would last me through 2 days. I also purchased 2 wet bags, one for home and one for on the go. I was also instructed to use stain remover on them once they are used, so my on-the-go wet bag has a mini spray bottle of Shout in it.

It was just as simple as cloth diapers. I personally didn't wash them twice (unless they were thrown in with the diapers) I just threw them in with my everyday clothes.

Here are the four different types I bought:
Pink Lemonade
Tamarack Creations

Pink Lemonade: This was the last site I bought from, and the first to arrive! Super fast shipping, and shipping is FREE!! I loved how soft these were, they were a little expensive. About $10 per pad, but they are so soft, and of great quality, and they are extremely pretty! Plus free shipping, which you all know I'm a sucker for! These were my preferred and the first I would grab. I plan on buying 2 more. **I guess shipping isn't always free, it was part of an Earth Day promotion.**

MotherMoonPads: I was slightly disappointed by this site. Shipping was $2.75, I spent $18 on two overnight pads, and $7.75 per pad on regular pads (I bought 2.) The quality is a good, the shipping was also fast, but they pads themselves were kind of blah. But they were super soft and stains came out super easy. I just really liked bright colors.

Tamarack Creations: $7.00 per pad, and $2 for shipping for the first item and $0.75 for each additional item. I really liked these pads, they were so bright and pretty, and had some PUL on the inside. They were great, and my second choice pads. They were nice and soft. :)

GEM: I bought these first, as they were not expensive (I believe I paid $15 for 4 pads) and shipping was included. However, they took about 10 days to get to me, and I only got to use one of them, which it was soft and nice, and they are well made. If you're on a budget, or want to use Mama Cloth inexpensively than I would start with them!

What I Liked About Cloth Pads: They were SUPER soft, they didn't chafe. They weren't hot or uncomfortable.

What I Didn't: I was never sure if I should throw them in with my diapers (as you use stain remover on them) or with my clothes (fabric softener.)

One thing that I learned though, was that using my diaper sprayer didn't work so great with the cloth pads. Instead I use ran it under the sink in my bathroom, worked much better. But I suppose you could always stick the entire pad in the toilet and then spray.

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