Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Two: The Snappi

Since I already disqualified myself yesterday, I decided to not do this challenge fully.

This choice comes because I have to go to the doctor's office four days out of the five this week, and our doctor is on the other side of the city.

I also don't own any flats, I was planning on using receiving blankets until my flats came in tomorrow.

So we will call this my abridged version =]

I couldn't get the origami fold to work with a receiving blanket, so I used the kite fold, which worked great.

I still can't quite get the snappi to work. I could get the left and right side to work, but the bottom didn't work so great.

I was also a little worried about the diarrhea that Audrey gets for a few hours after she gets her antibiotic shot, but I actually liked the flat better than her regular fitted for the containment of diarrhea.

How did your day 2 go?

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