Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kawaii Review

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When I first started cloth diapering, these were the absolutely first diapers that I put on my Audrey. A friend of mine uses Kawaii's and she let me borrow some to see if they helped my Audrey. And they did! How great is that? Her 2 month old rash went away within 12 hours after I put her in a Kawaii. My husband was shocked by these diapers and how simple they are. We attempted cloth diapering with Sydney in April 2009, we used a diaper service which was prefolds and Prowraps, and my husband hate it. Can't say I was too much of a fan either, so the Kawaiis were great! My husband commented that we had cloth diapered Sydney all wrong.

Things that I love about the Kawaii One Size Diaper: The price! At site their One Size Diaper is only $6.99!! How great is that?! The fact that they got me to cloth diaper, and that they helped with my daughter's rash? That gives them a special spot in my heart! I also love that these are great nighttime diapers paired with a hemp insert. They are also very sturdy diapers, if you accidentally put the wrong kind of cream on them (guilty at times) these diapers can take it without any real harm to them! Major plus! The website also has minky diapers, bamboo diapers, and it's not expensive!

Things I Wasn't So Happy About: I only have one tiny issue. The poop doesn't come off as easily with my diaper sprayer. Which compared to all the pros about these diapers, is just a tiny insignificant thing.

Their main website seems to be out of stock often, and after a bit of research, and just simply asking I was told to go look at Jack Be Natural. I was very impressed with this site, most other sites that carry Kawaii's increase the cost by about $3-5 per diaper. Jack Be Natural increases the diapers very little, and they offer Free Shipping on orders over $30, as oppose to Kawaii's main website that sometimes offers free shipping on orders over $75. In my package, which was shipped FedEx, I received two samples of laundry detergent along with a handwritten card from the owner thanking me for the purchase. I will most definitely be ordering from them again.

**Edit: Here is something I found very interesting, if you plan on buying under $70 than Jack Be Natural is the best place to buy these diapers. If you plan on buying over $70 worth of Kawaiis, then the best place is to go to website. website has free shipping on orders over $70, and Jack Be Natural on orders over $30. Gotta make those bucks stretch! :)

In my house we love the Kawaii's, even my 3-year-old requests that her sister wears "the flower diapers." :) If you need to cloth diaper on a budget, these are definitely the way to go!

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